Animal Healing Touch Treatments in Bethesda, Maryland

Dr. Eileen F. Buese, Ph.D. specializes in all areas of animal healing touch and communication. With her treatments, you will be able to establish a stronger connection to your animal companions. Call today (301) 365-4375!
Puppy and Kitten - Eileen F. Buese, Ph.D.
Horse - Eileen F. Buese, Ph.D.
Animals - Eileen F. Buese, Ph.D.

Animal Healing Touch & Communication

Healing Touch is an energy-based treatment to align and balance the energy fields. The focus is to re-activate the body/mind/spirit connection and to eliminate blockages to self-healing. It is a chakra-based treatment. Communication is based on both intuition (third-eye chakra) and heart-chakra-to-heart-chakra communication as taught by Carol Gurney. Dr. Buese receives images, impressions, thoughts, and sensations from animals with whom she works. These help their human companions understand their animals' behaviors, moods, and body/mind issues. Dr. Buese is glad to work in conjunction with veterinarians and animal behaviorists, and does both in-person and distance healing touch and communication. Dr. Buese welcomes all species.